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Wakenet3-Europe State-of-the-Art & Research Needs Report

The main document of the Wakenet3-Europe network is now available for download:

Aircraft Wake Vortex - State-of-the-Art & Research Needs

Compiled by F. Holzäpfel et al.

Issued by A. Reinke and C. Schwarz

(prepared 2012, published 2015)

Yearly Reports of the WN3E Coordination Areas

Deliverable D-1.02 "Coordination Area Technology Report 2", prepared by DLR, ONERA, UCL, Thales and TU Berlin (June 2011)

Deliverable D-2.03 "Coordination Area Safety Report 3", prepared by NLR (July 2012)

Deliverable D-3.02 "Coordination Area Concepts Report 2", prepared by NATS and TU Braunschweig (August 2011)
Main focus: operational concepts and capacity analysis

Deliverable D-3.03 "Coordination Area Concepts Report 3", prepared by NATS, TU Berlin and TU Braunschweig (March 2012)
Main focus: Recategorisation, capacity effects of RECAT and research needs for RECAT

Deliverable D-4.01 "Report 1 from Link activities and Trips", prepared by EUROCONTROL (March 2010)

Other reports and Links:



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Video (shown at World ATM Congress, Madrid), provided by Thales Air Systems

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(awarded with "Best paper in the emerging technologies and systems", read more).

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Wake turbulence overview and position papers

(Please note: the following publications are not available for download on the WakeNet3-Europe homepage!)

Aircraft Wake Vortices - A Position Paper
Thomas Gerz, Frank Holzäpfel and Denis Darracq, April 2001, or

Commercial Aircraft Wake Vortices
Thomas Gerz, Frank Holzäpfel and Denis Darracq, 2002, Prog. Aerosp. Sci., Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 181-208

Wake Vortex Research Needs for "Improved Wake Vortex Separation Ruling" and "Reduced Wake Signatures", Part I: Summary & Recommendations and Part II: Specialists' Reports.
Final Report of the Thematic Network "WakeNet2-Europe", ed. Bram Elsenaar, March 2006,

Wake Vortex Research - A Retrospective Look
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Lift-generated vortex wakes of subsonic transport aircraft
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FAA/NASA Wake Turbulence Research Program - WakeVAS Conops Evaluation Team Reports
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Wake Turbulence: An Obstacle to Increased Air Traffic Capacity
Committee to Conduct an Independent Assessment of the Nation's Wake Turbulence Research and Development Program, National Research Council, ISBN: 0-309-11380-6, 102 pages, 2008,



additional Publications


Dengler, K., Keil, C., Frech, M., Gerz, T., Kober, K. (2009): "Comparison and validation of two high-resolution weather forecast models at Frankfurt Airport", Meteorologische Zeitschrift  18 , pp. 531-542.

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Holzäpfel, F., Kladetzke, J., Amelsberg, S., Lenz, H., Schwarz, C. and De Visscher, I.: "Aircraft wake vortex scenarios simulation package for takeoff and departure", Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 46, No. 2, 2009, pp. 713-717. DOI: 10.2514/1.39346 (this paper can be found here)