Friday, July 01, 2022
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Task Groups

WakeNet3-Europe currently comprises 12 so-called Task Groups. Each task group deals with one specific wake vortex related issue and is lead by one WakeNet3-Europe partner. Interested persons from within or outside the WakeNet3-Europe consortium are encouraged to contact the relevant task group leader.


Task group 1.1 - Operational wake vortex models, Lead: UCL, contact
Task group 1.2 - Wake vortex sensors & advisory systems, Lead: TR6, contact
Task group 1.3 - Weather prediction and monitoring, Lead: DLR, contact
Task group 1.4 - Wake alleviation, Lead: ONERA, contact
Task group 1.5 - Encounter mechanisms & simulation, Lead: TUB, contact


Task group 2.1 - Safety requirements & Regulatory framework, Lead: NLR, contact
Task group 2.2 - Safety assessment, Lead: A-D, contact
Task group 2.3 - Incident monitoring and analysis, Lead: DFS, contact


Task group 3.1 - Operational concepts, Lead: NERL, contact
Task group 3.2 - Recategorisation, Lead: TUB, contact
Task group 3.3 - Capacity analysis, Lead: TU-BS, contact