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Presentations of the "WakeNet-Europe Workshop 2014"

The workshop took place on 13th and 14th May 2014 at the EUROCONTROL Experimental Center in Brétigny hosted by EUROCONTROL.

The organizers would like to say thanks to the local hosts of EUROCONTROL and to all authors, presenters and participants for a very good workshop!

The agenda as held can be found below (or as pdf-download here). To download the respective presentations you can use the link given on the title of each presentation.

WakeNet-Europe Workshop 2014

WakeNet-Europe Workshop 2014

Agenda Day 1: Tuesday, 13 MAY 2014


Time (duration)


Presenter/ Session Chair


09:00 (15‘)




09:15 (05‘)

Welcome/Opening Words



09:20 (20‘)

Key-Note 1



10:00 (20‘)

Key-Note 2

D. Knörzer (European Commission)


Session 1


Thomas Feuerle (TU Braunschweig)


10:20 (25‘)

From SESAR to Implementation: Completing the TBS Picture

Janet Singhal, Simon Goodman, Simon Young (NATS)


10:45 (25‘)

Progress of European SESAR P12.2.2 “Runway Wake Vortex Detection, Prediction and decision support tools” Project and Presentation of 1 Year Radar/ Lidar Trials at Paris-CDG Airport planned in 2014-2015

Philippe Juge & Frédéric Barbaresco (Thales)



11:10 (25‘)

Coffee Break



11:35 (25‘)

Researches towards Dynamic Wake Vortex Separation

Naoki Matayoshi (JAXA)



12:00 (25‘)

DANS LIDAR wake vortex data campaign, deployment of Dependent Diagonal approaches and ongoing work to prepare RNP Parallel Approach Transition (RPAT) concept for implementation

Roberto Ghidini

(DANS Dubai Air Navigation Services)



12:25 (10‘)

RECAT – The Dubai approach

Roberto Ghidini (DANS Dubai Air Navigation Services)


12:35 (25‘)

European Proposal for optimized Wake Turbulence Categorization and Separation Minima on Approach and Departure – RECAT-EU

Vincent Treve, Frédéric Rooseleer (EUROCONTROL)


13:00 (60‘)

Lunch Break (sponsored, with thanks to Thales)



14:00 (25‘)

Air Traffic Controller Human Factors issues during implementation of Recat

Joel Forrest & Mike Prichard

(Human Solutions Inc)


14:25 (25‘)

SESAR 6.8.1: an updated view on the wake programme

Vincent Treve, Frédéric Rooseleer (EUROCONTROL)


Session 2

Wake Vortex Hazard Assessments

Carsten Schwarz (DLR)


14:50 (25‘)

Is the assumption of straight vortices valid for encounter hazard assessment?

Dennis Vechtel (DLR)


15:15 (25‘)

On the loss of roll control induced by the wake vortex hazard

L.M.B.C. Campos (Instituto Superior Técnico Portugal) & J.M.G Marques


15:40 (25‘)

Coffee Break



16:05 (20’)

Application of observed aircraft approach and departure speeds to evaluating the feasibility and safety of wake solutions

Lisa Spinoso (MITRE)


16:25 (25‘)

RMC-based severity metrics : possibilities and scalings

Grégoire Winckelmans & Ivan De Visscher (UCL & WaPT)


16:50 (25‘)

En-route aircraft wake vortex encounter analysis in a high density air traffic region

Ulrich Schumann (DLR) & Robert Sharman


17:15 (5’)

End of Day 1, short Wrap-Up, Reminder for Day 2


17:20 cocktail event (by Eurocontrol)

Agenda Day 2: Wednesday, 14 MAY 2014


Time (duration)


Presenter/ Session Chair


09:00 (10‘)

Welcome Day 2, Announcements



Session 2

Wake Vortex Hazard Assessments (cont.)

Emmanuel Isambert (EASA)


09:05 (25‘)

Enhancement to NATS wake reporting database



Session 3

General Vortex Studies

Emmanuel Isambert (EASA)


09:30 (25‘)

Impact of Wind,Touchdown, and Plate Lines on Wake Vortex Evolution in Ground Proximity

Frank Holzäpfel & Takashi Misaka (DLR) et. al


09:55 (25‘)

Revisiting wake vortex mitigation by means of passive devices. Concept and current validation status of a novel device

Rainer Buffo (RWTH Aachen)



Session 4

Wake Vortex Sensor (General)

Emmanuel Isambert (EASA)


10:20 (25‘)

Development and installation of an infrasonic wake vortex detection system at Newport News International Airport

Qamar A. Shams & Allan J. Zuckerwar (NASA)


10:45 (25‘)

Coffee Break



11:10 (25‘)

European FP7 UFO (Ultra-Fast wind sensOrs for wake-vortex hazards mitigation) Project : Technological Developments and Validation Campaign of New Generation Multifunction X-band and 1.5 μm lidar sensors on Airport for wind hazards monitoring on airport

Frédéric Barbaresco (Thales)


11:35 (25‘)

Wake Vortex Detection: Phased microphone vs. linear infrasonic array

Qamar A. Shams & Allan J. Zuckerwar (NASA)


12:00 (25‘)

Do Vortices behave differently under pulsed LIDAR friendly versus non-friendly conditions?

David Burnham, Frank Wang (VOLPE)


Session 5

Wake Vortex Sensor (Lidar)

Frédéric Barbaresco (Thales)


12:25 (25‘)

Detection and Estimation of Wake Vortex on Ultra Fast-Scanning Pulsed-Doppler Lidar

Eiichi Yoshikawa (JAXA)


12:50 (60‘)

Lunch Break



13:50 (25‘)

Presentation of the results and conclusions regarding the Green-Wake Project (9MB)

David Rees (Hovemere Ltd.)


14:15 (25‘)

Beyond 10 Km range wind-speed measurement with a 1.5 µm all-fiber laser source

Agnès Dolfi-Bouteyre (ONERA)


14:40 (25‘)

Recent developments of WINDCUBE Doppler lidars for airport wind hazards monitoring

Jean-Pierre Cariou, Ludovic Thobois et al (LEOSPHERE)


15:05 (25‘)

Coffee Break



Session 6

Wake Vortex Sensor (Radar)

Frédéric Barbaresco (Thales)


15:30 (25‘)

Radar Characteristics and Parameter-Retrieval method of Wake Vortices Generated in Wet Weather Conditions

Xuesong Wang, Tao Wang, Jianbing Li, Chen Guo, Shuli Song (NUDT)


15:55 (25‘)

X-Band Phased Array Radar: Current Radar Performance And Plans For Wake Vortex Experimentation

Peter Drake, Jacqueline Bourgeois, David McLaughlin (RAYTHEON)


16:20 (25’)

Simulation of X-Band radar for the assessment of Eddy dissipation rate on a convective boundary layer

Carlos Pereira, Vanhoenacke Janvier D. (UCL)


16:45 (15’)

Closing remarks




End of Wakenet-Europe Workshop 2014