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Presentations of the "WakeNet-Europe Workshop 2013"

The workshop took place on 15th and 16th May 2013 in Bonneuil-sur-Marne (Southeast of Paris, France), hosted by STAC (Service technique de l'aviation civile).

The organizers would like to say thanks to the local hosts of STAC and to all authors, presenters and participants for a very good workshop!

The agenda as held can be found below (or as pdf-download here). To download the respective presentations you can use the link given on the title of each presentation.

WakeNet-Europe Workshop 2013

Day 1: Wednesday, 15 MAY 2013


Time (duration)


Presenter/ Session Chair


09:00 (10‘)

Welcome/Opening Words

DLR/ TU Braunschweig/ STAC


09:10 (30‘)


Bernard Miaillier / Eurocontrol


09:40 (5‘)

Introduction to General Session

DLR/ TU Braunschweig

Session 1

Wake programme implementation - results and lessons-learnt

R. Graham / Eurocontrol


09:45 (25‘)

How stakeholders can present their points of view within international regulatory organisations

Jean-Louis Pirat / STAC


10:10 (25‘)

Federal Aviation Administration Wake Turbulence Program - Recent Highlights

J.Tittsworth, S. Barnes, E. Johnson, S. Lang / FAA, Volpe


10:35 (25‘)

Wake Turbulence Recategorization Case Study at Memphis International Airport

J.Tittsworth and S. Barnes / FAA


11:00 (30‘)

Coffee Break



11:30 (25‘)

Wake Progression in the United States

J. Forrest, M. Prichard, J. Tittsworth / Human Solutions Inc., FAA

Session 2

Progress towards operational implementation

E. Isambert/ EASA


11:55 (25‘)

Progress of SESAR P12.2.2 Project for Wake Vortex Detection, Prediction and decision support tools (WVDSS): First XP1 CDG Trials Results and WVDSS Simulation Platform Validation

P. Juge, F. Barbaresco / Thales


12:20 (25‘)

Dual Arrival Stream Operations in DXB

R. Ghidini / Dubai ANS


12:55 (90‘)

Lunch Break



14:25 (25‘)

Crosswind-based wake avoidance system approved by the FAA for operational use

C. Lunsford, E. Johnson / Mitre, FAA


14:50 (25‘)

Reduced wake vortex separation using weather information

N. Matayoshi / JAXA


15:15 (30‘)

Coffee Break


Session 3

Development of Models, Systems and Procedures

T. Feuerle/ TU Braunschweig


15:45 (25‘)

Towards realistic simulation of wake vortex evolution during approach and landing with and without plate lines

F. Holzäpfel, A. Stephan, T. Misaka / DLR


16:10 (25‘)

Simulation of Aircraft Encounters with Perturbed Vortices Considering Unsteady Aerodynamic Effects

D. Bieniek/ TU Berlin


16:35 (25‘)

Collaborative research activities on time-variable approach procedures for wake vortex encounter avoidance

T. Yoshihara / ENRI


17:00 (25‘)

Flight Testing the Wake Encounter Avoidance and Advisory System: First Results

F. Abdelmoula, T. Bauer / DLR


17:25 (5’)

End of Day 1, short Wrap-Up, Reminder for Day 2

DLR/ TU Braunschweig/ STAC


17:45 cocktail reception (sponsored by THALES)


Day 2: Thursday, 16 MAY 2013


Time (duration)


Presenter/ Session Chair


09:00 (10‘)

Welcome Day 2, Announcements

DLR/ TU Braunschweig/ STAC


09:10 (10‘)

Introduction to Wind/Wake-Vortex Sensor Sessions

F. Barbaresco/ Thales

Session 4

Wind/Wake Vortex Sensors Part 1

V. Treve / Eurocontrol


09:20 (25‘)

European FP7 UFO Project "Ultra-Fast wind sensOrs for wake-vortex hazards mitigation"

F. Barbaresco, F. Orlandi, P. Juge / Thales


09:45 (25‘)

Status update on the use of aircraft-derived meteorological and aircraft data for real-time Wake/ATM/MET applications

C. Lunsford, E. Johnson / Mitre, FAA


10:10 (25‘)

Real time monitoring of wake vortices with a scanning Doppler lidar

A. Dolfi-Bouteyre, S. Loaec / ONERA, LEOSPHERE


10:35 (30‘)

Coffee Break


Session 5

Wind/Wake Vortex Sensors Part 2

A. Dolfi-Bouteyre / ONERA


11:05 (25‘)

Vortex Spacing Measurement with Pulsed LIDARs

F. Wang / VOLPE


11:30 (25‘)

Thales X‐band Radar Trials for Wake‐Vortex Monitoring in SESAR P12.2.2 Project

M. Klein, Y. Ricci, F. Barbaresco / Thales


11:55 (25‘)

Update on Low Cost X-band Phased Array Radar Technology for High Resolution Atmospheric Sensing Applications

P. Drake / Raytheon, D. McLaughlin/ University of Massachusetts


12:20 (110‘)

Lunch Break


Session 6

Wind/Wake Vortex Sensors Part 3

F. Barbaresco/ Thales


14:10 (25‘)

Radar observation of wake vortex in rain, cloud and fog

Tao WANG, Jian DONG, Zhongxun LIU, Jianbing LI/ NUDT


14:35 (25‘)

Calculation of Radar cross section based on Simulations of Aircraft Wake Vortices

C. Peirera / UCL


15:00 (30‘)

Coffee Break



15:30 (25‘)

Radar sensing of Wake Vortices in clear air - a feasibility study

V. Brion / ONERA


15:55 (30‘)

Closing remarks

DLR/ TU Braunschweig/ STAC/ all



End of Wakenet-Europe Workshop 2013



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