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A specific workshop called

"Incident monitoring and accident analysis"

has been held on

18th of November, 2010

at the NLR, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Agenda as held can be found here

The presentations itself can be downloaded below.

  1. Introduction
    (Jens Konopka, DFS)
  2. Wake encounter severity metrics as input to monitoring requirements
    (Andreas Reinke / Airbus)
  3. Use of existing incident/accident data repositories
    (Peter van der Geest / NLR)
  4. Wake Vortex Incident/Accident Analysis in the UK
    (Matt Ross / NATS, UK)
  5. Implementation of wake incident reporting for Frankfurt – approach, status, lessons learned
    (Jörg Buxbaum / DFS)
  6. Wake vortex reporting requirements – a pilot’s view
    (Markus Wahl / ECA)