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A specific workshop called

"Wake vortex regulation and safety requirements"

has been held on

17th of November, 2010

at the NLR, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The Agenda as held can be found here

The presentations itself can be downloaded below.

  1. Welcome & Introduction
    (Michel Piers, Director NLR Air Transport Safety Institute and
    Lennaert Speijker, Senior R&D Manager, NLR-ATSI)
  2. Re-categorization of the wake turbulence separation minima
    (Vincent Treve / EUROCONTROL)
  3. The European certification process
    (Frederic Copigneaux / EASA)
  4. Safety scanning for introduction of changes to the aviation system
    (Jos Nollet / EUROCONTROL Safety Regulation Commission (SRC) member)
  5. Implementation of SES RAM regulations and their migration to EASA IRs
    (John Penny / CAA UK)
  6. Wake turbulence from light rotorcraft and separation criteria
    (Panagiota Pantazopoulou / CAA UK)
  7. Introduction of Wake Independent Operations (WIDAO) in France
    (Laurent Chapeau (DGAC) & Vincent Treve (EUROCONTROL) & Safety Case)
  8. Introduction of the Airbus A380
    (Vincent Treve (EUROCONTROL))